Louboutin Spikes – Mytheresa

Fashion campaign for Mytheresa in collaboration with Louboutin: “Louboutin Spikes”

  • Led the development of the campaign concept, infusing creativity into the unveiling of Louboutin Spikes collection. The concept centered around a collage of polaroids that allowed us to (pre)view the entire collection at one glance. A variety of angles and focuses shed new light on the collection, spotlighting the product’s special features.
  • Produced a cohesive set of visual assets for social media platforms and the Mytheresa website, ensuring a seamless and visually compelling online presence.
  • Designed tailored visuals for diverse digital platforms:
    • Engaging social media graphics
    • Website banners and visuals

Objective: Successfully launch and promote Louboutin Spikes’ new high-end collection on Mytheresa.