Mobike – Freelance

Advertising campaign for Mobike: “Mobike – Move on”

  • Led the development of the advertising campaign concept, capitalizing on the unique selling proposition that Mobike bikes are virtually unstealable in a city where bike theft is prevalent.
  • Concept: Crafted a narrative that plays on the idea that Mobike, unlike traditional bikes, cannot be stolen, emphasizing the security and peace of mind offered by Mobike’s innovative bike-sharing platform.
  • Produced a comprehensive set of visual assets for print advertising in newspapers and out-of-home displays, strategically placed in subway stations.
  • Designed tailored visuals for diverse advertising platforms:
    • Engaging newspaper advertisements
    • Impactful subway out-of-home displays
  • Collaborated closely with the Mobike team to ensure visual alignment with the brand’s identity and messaging.

Objective: Effectively communicate Mobike’s unique selling point of being unstealable, creating awareness and positioning Mobike as a secure and reliable bike-sharing solution in Milan.